Dummy Security Camera
How effective are surveillance cameras if blind in certain sections?

The Deterrent Effects of a Dummy Security Camera

Where to plant a spy camera is a bit of a conundrum. The motion-activated nanny cam in the baby’s room may never take its eyes off nanny and baby, but can’t see one of the parents being unfaithful in the master bedroom. Although you can’t second-guess crime, it would help to have a smart surveillance camera above the door, a covert camera for catching wily wrongdoers and a dummy security camera for scaring miscreants off.

If one thinks about it, how effective are surveillance cameras if blind in certain sections of the location being monitored? Video surveillance is effective if you know what you are doing it for. As a general rule, place video cameras front and center to track activity and discourage misconduct, like at the doors. And conceal hidden cameras where misdeeds occur in secrecy, like bedrooms and private office rooms.

Security cameras that work hard need not be numerous to do their jobs. These include infrared cameras with night vision, PTZ cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom, and ones with a built-in DVR and motion detection. Certainly, though one or two might suffice in an area, they could use looking more fearsome to be good crime deterrents.

Dummy cameras are the affordable solution. These are genuine camera housings sans lenses inside, but with a working LED, cable or motion sensor for effect. Not functional as cameras, these devices can curb delinquency just by being there. Pair the door cam up with a dummy dome camera with LED and IR near the driveway, or a lobby camera with a PTZ dummy camera with LED at the front desk.

A surveillance camera system is a very cost-effective way to secure a building, as you can install as many cameras as needed and hook them up to only a few multi-channel standalone DVRs. You could skip the copy room or the laundry room, and situate an indoor motion detecting dummy camera or an IR dummy camera with LED there. A dummy security camera or two can remove the perceivable blind spots of a security system.

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